Session #3: Animations in the Classroom (Amy Hartman, Elmwood Franklin School art teacher)
Introduction of History of Animation (MIT video) show using Reflection app on Smartboard; creating an illusion of movement; create a bouncing ball in a Post-it pad flip book; CGA (Computer Generated Animation); 3D modeling and rendering
How students can collaborate through animation-Pixar video Carpetblogger: a rare look inside Pixar studios. on Pixar; What are their roles? How do the workers collaborate? Live sketches and drawings called storyboards
* Brainstorm ideas first (give kids a direction to start off on first animation project)...example: animation showing character education...storyboard as starting point
* photograph the action taking place through kids creating action cards that will be their props; use iMovie to create animated video...add music
* use this idea for class meetings in home room
* iMotion HD app (2 settings...manual vs. time lapse shoot film at a predetermined rate)
* FableVision: Dot Day based on theme of circle in the book The Dot; Animation-ish by Peter Reynolds app coming out soon, now on laptop; 3 frame animation doodle for 2nd grade (animate words in a poem); onion skinning-ability to see what you made before light to dark on screen; Flipbook-ish option on same program; export as QuickTime movie or iMovie; Advanced-ish on program for older kids...separate foreground from background; wonderful tutorials
* MIT Scratch Program, developed for kids to program, online website to share their game designs, edit others' game designs, collaboration, not as intuitive, problem solving, trial-and-error
Any character you design is called a sprite, does not have to be an animal, use scissors to get rid of him, animate your name to get a handle on the basics, choose font, you can have multiple sprites, create a stage where action takes place (background), then make sprite do something by connection motions, etc. command it
* Scratch can be used to have kids create math problems for the Scratch program to solve, great intro to computer programming
earn badges for completing particular “Do-It-Yourself” projects