Session #1: Employing 3D technology in your classroom: Doug Smith (AVRover)
Splash Top app $20
Apple TV can mirror everything on screen and Reflector program on laptop/iPad
Broadcast AV Rover for world learning and morning news
How does 3D learning affect brain, eyes, etc.? Report on AVRover website.
Learning in 3D may help to diagnose an undiagnosed eye problem.
30% retention of info when learning in 3D (able to see stereoscopically) one eye-monoscopically
Info easier to understand in 3D because info is within their Haptic Envelope -brain research.
Animated videos and objects that you can manipulate.
Ability to create your own 3D...Blender software upload for free on computer.
Sketch up will have some 3D in the future.
3D glasses made of liquid crystals
BOCES – Do they have the AVRover?
3D Document camera