Session notes
Room 2: "Teaching with Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom"
Lecturer: Patrick Moore

At Buffalo Seminary, there are post-AP classes in debate, translation and production (for example)

Using Lenovo X Tablets.

Target areas
  • Production
    • Speaking
    • Writing
  • Comprehension
    • Listening
    • Reading

There is a mix of in-class technology and traditional approaches
  • In class discussion
  • Read text out loud
  • Repetition of teacher prompts
  • role playing games
  • debate

Used a pre-recorded video of a teacher due to her maternity leave. That's using technology!
She saves her notes from the SmartBoard and posts them to her classroom site. Her students use Audacity to record responses or over-dub

Students use and to hand in assignments.

Overdubbing can be fun. Take an existing scene and then add your own dialog.

Doing the recordings at home helps remove some of the stigma of imitating a native accent. has an available educator license for free here:

You could then quiz students by having them listen to other students' work and responding about their peers.

For upper level,

Gamification of Language!

Reading Comprehension