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Everything is a Remix - video series about remixing media

Clay Shirky TED Talk about SOPA and PIPA

Noodle Tools



Formatting a Parenthetical Reference

fotopedia -
uses text from wikipedia with photos to create a photo encyclopedia
anyone can create an article with CC photos from flickr
anyone may add their own photos under a variety of licensing (CC is default)

flickrCC -
all images from flickr - only CC licenses
can restrict search - images licensed for editing, or even commercial use
attribution here is just the link to image on flickr (apparently for speed in loading) - you need to follow the link to get the image creator’s user name (and maybe real name.)

FlickrStorm -
all images from flickr - only CC licenses
can do advanced search with choices from several kinds of CC licenses
Great features - can get a history of all images recently looked at
- can put favorite images into a “tray” to download later or collectively

Morgue File -
“Public Image Archive for Creatives by Creatives”
Does not use flickr as a source
all images are licensed for remixing, commercial use, and without attribution so long as you don’t use it as is. (not sure if including in a presentation counts as altered.)

The World Images Kiosk -
California State University
Does not use flickr as a source
all images for non-profit, educational purposes

more info. at
I especially like the videos here:

What is Creative Commons wiki -

Blog post about Evernote -