Open Space
Session 2
Room D

Reengage kids in the classroom and outside of the classroom

Use a teacher website as the hub/jumping off point for everything that you do with the kids on the web

1. Blog - collaboration
-approved before it's posted

2. Twitter
-#comments4kids - educators comment on kids posts
-use for homework

3. Edublogs - Blog for parents or for student use

4. Clustr Maps - Hit tracker for websites

5. Edmodo - social networking website for teachers
-create sections for different classes
-Add files
-Turn in assignments

6. - fake website

7. Google Docs - good for collaboration
-Share settings allows for students to access/change your docs without having a log-in
-Speaker notes

8. Apptivities

9. Aww - Whiteboard for collaboration


11. Creaza - Animator, Movie Editor
Audio Sound Editor

12. WeVideo - collaborate in creating a video (up to 5)

13. Bloomsapps - Apps are listed by Bloom's Taxonomy

14. Flip Snack - Flipping book
-upload a PDF
-turn it into a book
-good for digital portfolios