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Session 2 - Managing Apps
Computer Lab

Brian Meehan

Appitic - A resource for teachers to find iPad and iOS apps that are educationally reviewed

Apple's Volume Purchase Program
Store -

VPP Program Overview -

VPP Enrollment -

Program Manager Page -

Portal site -

VPP Program FAQ -

Developers We've Worked With
TipiTap - Booksy School Edition :

Red Software, LLC - Animation Creator HD

Morris Cooke - Explain Everything

Play2Learn - French HD, Spanish HD

Mindsnacks - Mandarin Chinese

These are the notes I took as the discussion happened. I'llclean it up a bit later.Managing apps
Buying apps and then cloning
Volume purchase program- Matt Roe
Sign up with apple ID and buy special cards- for volume purchasingNot the same as regular iTunes cards
He is coming to Allendale at end of month all day presentation on iBooksSign up from Apple-last Friday in March. Big DEAL!!
Starting school funded bring your own device- hand out the iPads and ey are in charge.Ey are in charge of updates, school provides updates
Education Store only through Macs not iPads.Nearly evey app half price if you buy through app
Fear Shrinker app school anxiety app
When buying apps in bulk, Mac sends spreadsheet, redeem one or two and the rest are there for "auditing" purchases
Precipitation - links google docs with regular computer documents
Using mail merge or other spreadsheets to input students name, email, codes. Create template email and buying, sending out can take two minutes.
Settings-apps- automatic downloads set to on- sync solutions is already on our carts
Can creat different libraries on different devices to pick and choose individual apps.
What if app isn't what you want it to be?
User group meetings. There are groups just about everywhere who meet to discuss app development. Open to community. With give away's! Different discussions, business sides of apps, etc. consulting, Beta testing, ideas, etc.
ex: working with two psych moms to develop Fear Shrinker. You give feedback and you get free version. Ex: role models for girl appropriate apps
Developers are receptive to feedback, exp if they know you are buying 70 copies! Can contact developer to report bugs, things you woes like them to fix. Great way to teach new Age letter writing to students!
Ex booksy: contacted to get whole set of books. Kids can read book out loud and it is recorded, can tap on words they don' t know, results emailed to teachers. Can be forwarded to family.
App creation for kids. They want you to use Xcode to make apps. Brian really suggests using this. Difficult at first, but worth it. Costs money to take class and upload.
For beginners instead Encodea ( based on Luda) more user friendly. Middle schoolX code high schoolElementary game star mechanic (similar to scratch) but talks more to game design
Scratch does have an app?
Explain Everetthing screen casting app. You can create voice, draw on board, your lesson on the iPad.

GREAT WEBSITE. moderated listing for education by educators and listed by topic specific. Themes, bloom's etc