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Session 2
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Using the Smartboard in Kindergarten
Susan Linder
St Christophers

Scott Forsman reading series comes with a way to use the smartboard every day
Also a big book every day
Also comes with the capacity to show the workbooks on the smartboard, so the teacher can model the work,

Notebook 10.
Websites: Starfall,
Software: Alphamation: teaches how to write their letters. Zaner Bloser, or Denealian, or whatever your handwriting program is.
My First Incredible Dictionary (Word only, not for Mac.) (maybe it can be accessed through their website?)
Great for language building. You can print the pictures out and make flashcards and matching games.

Laptop projection: make a powerpoint in a typical day in the classroom. Take photos.

Make powerpoint of the sounds of the week.

Virtual field trip: to teach the children what observation is, research, etc.... Introduce it with a powerpoint. Then send home a digital camera with the kids and have them take a photo of something at home that begins with that letter.
It makes the children more involved.

Conversation: Balance between using technology and allowing for hands-on manipulation.