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Session 1
Room F

Christine Cooke MacVittie
Technology and Literacy


Short, art-inspired stories that you make, and you can read, and print, and share them.
Your class signs up through us.
You make assignments, and they can do it at home or at school.
It makes a 10-15 page book, which they can then illustrate.

The teacher can look at the whole class's projects, see how far they are.

( is a website that allows the kids to make your own pictures for the book.)

Choose your artist first.
Look through the artist's styles.
Then start your storybird with that artwork.

Drag and drop pictures.

The text is the only part they have to work on.

Questions: can they be uploaded to other (teacher) websites?
Not sure. But they can be downloaded and printed out.

Very easy to be managed.

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Kids create their own account. They have to have an email address, but you can use one and never have to access it again.

Loads of setups and templates. Use photography. It is digital scrapbooking.
You can have hardcover books printed of the books.

Use it for projects, research projects.

No cost until you order an actual hardcover book.


It is an interactive poster.

Very easy to use.

WORDLE - paste in a paragraph... How many times a word is used in a word of text = how large the text appears in the Wordle cloud.

( ..... Do pictures with words. Very fun, but harder to do. More for middle schoolers.)


This is for older kids.... Middle school

Basic programming... But easy!

Tutorials are written in language kids can understand. You can print them out for the kids.
For example: Life cycle of a butterfly... Making bats fly.... They learn to annimate using html.
There are many different characters to choose from. ("sprites.")

Look for youtube videos on Scratch topics.

Grammar sites/apps

Go to
Go to academics, Faculty, and then find Christine Cooke.
Grammar Ninja
Noundunk - find on Grade 5 in Christine's website
Grammarjammers (through Brainpop)
Madlibs : and there is an app for Madlibs called Wordventure
Bluster (app)
Silly Sentence (iPhone app).
Blither - can have wierd words... Great fun though...
Storyteller (free) it is a story starter..
Storylines - can use in groups, not individual iPads.. Create storyboards. Like a comic strip.?.. Can be used in K through
High schoolers.
Tarsia puzzles