Open Space
Session 1
Computer Lab

Presenter: Rob Z.
Amherst Middle School.

Splice is a free alternative to iMovie, or a pro version for $3.99.

An easy way to get video off an iPad is email, and is a video blog that can be teacher moderated.

Recently won $1000 from a contest. Rob is the #1 most uploaded teacher on is endorsed by the several education industry organizations.

Videolicious (Free)
The app is designed to be a newscasting style app. It's funded/sponsored by places like Martha Stewart and others. Kevin Kelley is the app developer for Videolicious and has been willing to work with the students in Rob's class.

1) General Video or HD Video. General is 54s or less, and that's based on a limit in Apple's email function. HD version is any length. Quality is the same.
2) Select videos and pictures from your albums and camera roll. They will be numbered in order of usage.
The video clips will be automatically trimmed to fit the talk over.
3) (Requires front facing camera). Rob suggests the iRig microphone for about $50 from Amazon. It has a bypass for headphones built onto it. Students may like creating the "mic flags" to be like real news anchors.

Film yourself talking about the movies selected. Watch the upper corner of the screen for your timer.

Question: How does it work in a classroom of many students?
Answer: Set to medium sensitivity and hold mic close and under your chin. Stay about 8 feet away from each other.

Q: What stand are you using for holding the iPad?
A: (See below)

4) Add background music (optionally). It can use the iTunes library music you have, but it may not be legal to do so.

Q: Where do you purchase stock music?
A: The have "Free" stuff with about $8 S&H with the same version in multiple lengths.Coupon code is "robz". 10% off your purchase! also has a coupon code of "robz". They sell you a whole hard drive full of animations and video production elements for the whole school.

5) The video is then copied to the camera roll. iMovie can then be used to remove the Videolicious logo at the end.

Collabra-cam $5.99

Concept: A director screen can have multiple video shooters.
Uses a portable hot wifi hotspot with no Internet so all shooters and director can collaborate. Up to 4 devices.

1) Close any apps that are dependent on wireless, or reboot the device. It's a little touchy.
2) Connect all of the cameras to the same network.
3) It's OK if the director's screen looks choppy. Video is being recorded locally from each device.
4) You can send video director commands that appear as on-screen prompts on the camera operator's screen.
5) Select a camera to start recording and press RECORD. Tap another camera to change source.
6) Select Export to save session.

Q: Could you use a bluetooth mic on the presenter and join to all devices?
A: Maybe. It would be an interesting experiment. The developers are aware of the audio limitations and maybe in a future version allow a designated camera to be the master microphone.

Q: Can you use screen recordings?
A: No, it's limited to camera, but you could then edit it off the camera roll.

Q: Best place to get the iPod stands?
A: Search for "iPod tripod" on Amazon. For the iPad you can search for "The Perch". It's about $50. There's even a tall style that serves as a podium. From iPevo. They also make a document camera called "Point-To-View" that's cheaper than a bulb for an overhead projector. Ziggi is their new product.

Coaches Eye $4.99
Used for telestration. Clips can be slowed down, edited and annotated.

Connect with Phys-Ed. Teach how to do push ups correctly or shoot a basketball, or maybe ergonomics. Grants were applied for this.
Coaches could send stuff to parents and students.
Physical Therapists could use it too.

Screencasting apps
ShowMe $0.00

ScreenChomp $0.00

ExplainEverything $2.99

Teleprompt+ $14.99

DVPrompter is free, but you can't record with it.

Notes by Brian Meehan